In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful!

Like all Muslims, I want to contribute positively to the well-being of my family, the community within which I live (here in the United Kingdom), to the Muslim Ummah all around the world and to the whole of humanity at large.

This may sound like a lofty opening claim of intent but when one considers the very least that this may entail I think that one recognises that this is not an outlandish, unattainable aim but something that can be achieved quite tangibly with a little focus and effort.

For example, if a person were to make a phone call to an elderly neighbour to enquire about her health and ask if she needs anything then this action alone is making a real difference to a vulnerable person living in the area, regardless of any follow-up actions that may arise from it.

Similarly, if a person were to seek out a local community initiative such as, for example, an organisation consisting of group of volunteers that clean up the neighbourhood around a masjid and volunteer his or her spare time to contribute to the initiative then, again, one is supporting the local community and hopefully gaining ajr (reward) for joining in with this activity.

The challenge, though, is to seek out and take on the tasks that are the best use of a person’s time, that allow a person to ensure that one is moving towards the best aims in life whilst also fulfilling responsibilities to one’s family, to the community, to the Ummah, to humanity and, fundamentally and crucially, to Allah (swt).

Defining what a person wants to be in life and what aims to reach for is a challenge in itself! Therefore, I have set up this blog to hopefully help me to focus on what is important in life, to reflect on my achievements (or lack thereof) and on how to refine my thinking and my actions so that I may achieve what I decide is important and to not waste my time on distractions and trivialities.

This blog will be anonymous in nature. I feel that this anonymity will enable me to write more intimately about my progress and my challenges so that I can understand my thinking and actions better and in a deeper way. Whilst this blog is primarily to help me to keep my thoughts and actions on track, maybe this approach will also allow me to potentially reach anybody who is reading the blog at deeper level and help me to relate to the reader better.

I will be reading some books that I believe will help me on this journey and so you can expect reviews of books that I read as well as abridgments of sections of books that I find particularly interesting, and that have been contextualized and shaped into an Islamic perspective as I see it, insha’Allah.

I am also a big fan of the Islamic productivity website so expect also my experiences of trying out the various bits of advice, worksheets and suggestions that are presented on that site (may Allah (swt) reward immensely all those who are associated with it).

I am far, far away from being an Islamic scholar or any kind of Islamic person of note. I will be extremely careful to not give any advice that is not appropriate for me to provide. Rather, this blog is a way for me to simply provide my personal experiences and thoughts, issues that I experience and my take on the Islamic way to think about certain issues.

I am presenting my thoughts and experiences in a public way, albeit anonymously, such that insha’Allah they may be of benefit to others and allow me the prospect of crystallizing my own thoughts. I look forward to being corrected and for my thinking to be refined in a public way such that all readers of this blog will benefit from any discussions that may arise.

Insha’Allah, I hope that this thinking, doing and writing process may be of benefit to the readers of this blog, to those dear to me and to those that Allah (swt) asks of me to help and support. Not that He (swt) needs for me to help Him but so that I may attain His (swt) Mercy though my intentions and actions.